NINTENDO Super Smash Brothers Brawl Showdown – Birmingham and London. Master of Ceremonies and ‘referee’. Kreate UK.
WILLIAM HILL TV greyhound racing presenter, pundit and interviewee. Sky Channel 425 and 854.

SKY SPORTS racing presenter, pundit and interviewee. ‘The Dogs’. Sky Sports 1 & 2.

E.ON, POWERGEN interactive improvisor to aid training of senior management staff. NEC Birmingham.


VANDERCOM – ‘The Anderson Deal 2014’ for Ghost Media – John Woods, company boss.

THE DRUGS DON’T WORK 2012 for Fixers and ‘Talk To Frank’. I am the teacher in this anti drugs film with an important message.
MANCHESTER UNITED FC Christmas commercial for Onward TV and MUFC. Director Mark Withers (Big Brush Films). In this I was the lead of three comic ‘carol singers’ visiting the homes of supporters of other clubs with a view to increasing membership.

LADBROKES ident for AT THE RACES TV Sky Channel 415. ‘The tictac man at the races’ including responsibility for tictac training of cast and crew and the choreography of the tictac sequences used in the commercial. For Saatchi & Saatchi. Director Stephen Reilly.


Role of LORD WOODROW in 2018 feature film KNIGHTS OF NEWGATE for Rooftop View Productions – due for cinema release in 2019. Lord Woodrow is a corrupt High Court Judge and the principal mortal villain in the film seeking the treasure of the Knights Templar. KNIGHTS OF NEWGATE may be described as a British version of ‘The Mummy’.

LACHLAN, bicycle shop owning conman in CYCLO for Matthew Thompson.

UK PRIME MINISTER in DERAILED, director Sam Getliffe.

DAVID the tramp in INTERTWINED for Milda Sukyte.

MICK in LANDLOCKED for Laurent Durham and Jennifer Fox – a not entirely competent professional burglar.

The HUSBAND in ZOMBIE ACOPALYPSE for Michael Hannides. Exactly what it says on the tin, with lots of blood.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR RADCLIFFE in THE EDGE for Martin Dobinson. Architypical 1970’s detective.

Lead role of ALEC -serial rapist in film TAXI for ONE for Ooiehoursfilms. This is about a taxi driver who drugs and rapes vulnerable young women.

Joint lead role of GEORGE HOBBS in film EARTHBOUND for Earthbound Productions. This is a light comedy about an incompetent and easily exploited angel . I play a slob – George – who does the exploiting.

Lead role of MR SMITH in film SISYPHUS for Radical Sheep Media and Lilac Productions. I wrote and produced this as well. It is the story of the character from Greek Mythology who was damned to roll a boulder uphill for eternity, but set in modern times. It is now SMITH who preys on women from Eastern Europe smuggled to this country and follows the fate of one of them, ADRIJANA. This is very dark and brutal. Directed by Steve Cranston.

Lead role of RICHARD MARTIN in feature film ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES for Big Cheese Films. This is a British comedy where Richard Martin is to the portable lavatory hire industry what David Brent (The Office) is to stationery. This was a joint lead role involving extensive dialogue, nudity (comic) and simulated intimacy. I was also responsible for scripting additional dialogue, screenplay and choreography. Released on DVD.

Role of ‘MEAN COP’ in feature film MONEY KILLS for Feel Media, director Lee Murphy. ‘Mean Cop’ – who has no name – is far worse than his title implies getting involved in torture, verbal and sexual abuse and simulated sadistic intimacy. This involved stage combat for which I was a principle choreographer. Released to cinema in Eastern Europe.

Role of ANDREAS SCHULTZ in feature film DAS BAUERNHAUS for Talos Films, directors, Sam Talos and Simon Pearce. This is the story of the end of WWII in Germany when a small contingent of British soldiers take refuge in a farmhouse cellar only to find that it is also occupied by a German Civilian and his daughters. The film explores the tensions between them. It involves stage combat in which I assist in the choreography and required a German accent throughout.

Role of ABBOTT in film B ROAD for ZB Pictures, director Tim Lee. The disfigured Abbott lives deep in the country and doesn’t like outsiders. They never get to tell their stories of their encounters with him! Involved facial prosthetics.

Role of JACK in trailer for feature film ‘X’ for Nathan Williams. Set in a future where mutants walk undetected amongst the ordinary population, JACK is one of four members of the underground government.

Joint lead as FRANK CHOPPIN in film SCORPIONS ALWAYS FOLLOW THEIR NATURE for Liquid Sessions Productions, directors John Hatfield and Jamie Blunden. This is a two header about imprisonment in which I play a prison officer with an ‘old school’ approach.

Role of ‘OLD CARL’ in feature film WAITING FOR DAWN for Mr Glass Productions. Carl is the principal character in the film and meets himself as an older man as the film reaches its conclusion. The role entailed performance and dialogue whilst driving a car through busy traffic on public roads.

Lead Role of THE OLD MAN / THE VICTIM in a contemporary re-working of EDGAR ALLAN POE’S THE TELL-TALE HEART, director Matthew Broderick. Unlike in the Nineteenth Century original the Old Man takes a prominent role throughout the dialogue as he torments his murderer until he loses his sanity.

Lead role of MATT in film SHORT SUPPLY for Volta Productions, director Jimmy Neeson. Matt is an ordinary family man. The story is about how far an ordinary man will go to protect his family in extraordinary times.

Lead role of CHARLIE WILLIAMS in film NOTHING TO BE SAID for QTI Productions, director Andy Mairs. Charlie is the lead character in a film about a school headteacher who loses his career standing up to rabid political correctness.

Role of SIMON PATTERSON in film CHECKOUT, director Jonathan Galione. This was a pilot for a feature film about an omniscient man and how he deals with the challenges arising from this.

Role of TICKET INSPECTOR in feature film FINDING FRANK for the National Film and Television School (NFTS). The character is an unsympathetic foil to the mentally disabled lead.

Role of THE BUTCHER in short film THE MOUND, CHEST OF DOOM for Mound Productions. The role involved extensive physical exercise and simulated combat / violence. Film details and blog at


Role of NED JUNIOR in THE MIMIC 2 for Running Bare Productions and Channel 4.

Role of STEVEN TILSON in THE SHOP for Radical Sheep Media. Steven Tilson is the bank manager in this very funny TV sitcom pilot.

Role of CHIEF KRULL in CELESTIAL SISTERS for Rotunda Films. This is an ongoing sci-fi mini series shot in and around Birmingham which could be described as a cross between Flash Gordon and Charlie’s Angels. My character is a soldier and resistance leader.

Role of AULUS PLAUTIUS in RULING BRITANNIA for Green Bay Media, director Jeff Morgan. Aulus was the General who planned and led the Roman invasion of Britannia and then became first governor. Included horse riding. A major TV documentary.

Role of the GAMBLERS’ ANONYMOUS CHAIRMAN in BBC TV’s soap DOCTORS, director Louise Hooper. This is part of the story of the ongoing battle of Dr. Daniel Granger against compulsive gambling.

Role of Will in docu-drama THE WOOLF WITHIN for Level Films, director Matt Crocker. This was produced to promote the RESTORATIVE JUSTICE PROJECT and a book by Peter Woolf detailing how he was rehabilitated by the project from being a former career criminal and drug addict. This was a two header in which I played his final victim, Will, a wealthy banker and who has now become his good friend.

Role of David in TV docu-drama 50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER for Octopus Riot and Select TV, director Nerina Villa.

Role of man harassed by former lover in gay love triangle for mediation show on Legal TV Sky Channel 186. This was ‘Jeremy Kyle’ but with actors instead of the general public and required substantial improvisation with no script and only a basic framework for the show.

Role of cross-dressing GP for pilot mediation show on Legal TV Sky Channel 186. This involved substantial improvisation with no script and only a basic framework for the show.


Film CEASEFIRE, director Nikki Lochery. This was a short film about war and remembrance and required a narration in the style of a 1940s Pathe newsreel.

I have voiced advertisements for local radio in Spain and for internet projects.


Role play at National Exhibition Centre (NEC). Portraying specified customer types, particularly affluent and demanding, to interact with delegates and industry managers. Retained by the Dobson White Partnership on behalf of e.on and Powergen. This involved considerable improvisation with high-powered executives.

Previous experience:


I was a successful contestant on ‘The Weakest Link’ with Anne Robinson and ‘The Chase’ with Bradley Walsh and Shaun Wallace.

I have done pieces to camera / interviews for ITV / ITN as a legal expert with Lawrence McGinty and others,

I have been a TV greyhound pundit, interviewee for Sky Sports and William Hill TV, Channel 854.


I have done variety including comedy sketches.