Clean Tramp – silent, comic (with a nod to Kirsty Marie Terry)

Teacher – ‘The Drugs Don’t Work 2012’ For Fixers and Talk To Frank this is a three minute anti drugs film with an important message

B Road B ROAD is the short film story of a rural serial killer, ABBOTT, who batters his victims to death with a wrench.

EARTHBOUND is a comedy short about a slob who exploits a vulnerable angel to do his housework. GEORGE HOBBS is the slob.

Soul Wars (Trailer) – set in the future when mutants are taking over the earth, JACK is one of the High Council in hiding trying to co-ordinate resistence and maintain order.

The Kebab scene from ‘Rough Around the Edges’.

WAITING FOR DAWN is a surreal feature film tale of a bar where the ordinary laws of time and space do not apply. Those who enter cannot leave except into another time and place. This role was CARL the lead character as an older version of himself and involved performance whilst driving on public roads.

NOTHING TO BE SAID is a short film about CHARLIE WILLIAMS a headteacher who stands up to rampant political correctness. ‘There has always been a Nativity Play and this year shall be no different’.

CHECKOUT is a short film about an omniscient man who can see when those around him are to die.

CEASEFIRE is a short film about remembrance of our war dead. I am the narrator in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast or a Pathe newsreel.